Looking Back on 2017, Looking Forward to 2018

2017 has been an intense year, politically and also personally for me. I spent most of the year writing my Master thesis while working a part-time job, which was not easy at all and definitely not a nice process. I got a medium grade, which was a sad ending to a Master (in Gender Studies) that I largely enjoyed. So I am not a student anymore, and for now, not hunting after deadlines and not writing pages and pages for only one or two people to read feels nice! I handed in my thesis in August, and directly afterwards we left for a stunning hiking trip in the Dolomites (which was definitely a highlight last year!). In fall another giant project followed: My girlfriend and I moved to Nantes in France! The city has been great so far and there is a lot to discover, but finding your way, finding a job and friends is also a lot of work.

However, with all these big projects, I still managed to make things and even write about some of them here! My crafting and blogging highlights were the following:

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Hello 2017!

I know I am a litte bit late for New Years resolutions… But still! I like resolutions, the idea of a fresh start and setting intentions for the time to come. It’s also a nice record of ideas to come back to, reflect on what I actually accomplished and what I have forgotten about.


This year I tried to make as little resolutions as possible, because I have one very big and urgent project that I have been carrying around for a long time now… My master thesis. As much as I want to do all the things, I have to channel my creative energy into this work in the first few months of this year (hopefully the first quarter!). I have been struggling a bit with motivation over the last time, so I hope to resolve this by working steadily on the thesis and getting things done.


This is not the only resolution for 2017 of course! There have to be nice things as well, and one of these is to learn more about Tarot. I have enjoyed doing readings for myself or with others and reading about it, but this year I want to go deeper. I signed up for The Alternative Tarot Course by Beth Maiden of The Little Red Tarot and I am excited to start it as soon as I have some more time. Beth posted a really nice little open thread where people post their resolutions in the comments and then draw a Tarot card for someone else. Such a nice idea! This inspired me to sign up for the class and use my cards more.


My last and very diffuse and open resolution is to dig deeper into my creativity, learn new crafts, challenge myself creatively, designing more things myself and sticking to my creative practice. I want to do more research in the new craft books I got and hopefully take a class or two! Easy! Now i just have to find the time for all this… But the thing about New Years resolutions is to be optimistic and positive, right?!