Piecework: Log Cabin Sweater

You saw it already in my post about my first handmade Jeans, but I wanted to present you this sweater in a separate post, because it is truly already one of my favorites. Making this sweater was truly a spontaneous creation: I found and ordered the book Piecework by Japanese designer Asuka Hamada some weeks ago. I found some great wool fabrics at a local shop, pre-washed them and made the sweater the next day! And I barely took it off since then.


I started two log cabin blankets for the Fringe and Friends Logalong, and I didn’t finish either of them yet… However, I finished another log cabin creation: A sweater! All the patterns in the book Piecework apply some kind of patchwork technique in different styles and shapes. I will write a proper book review about it later, along with some tips and tricks on how to deal with sewing a Japanese pattern while not reading or speaking any Japanese.


The sweater caught my eye because it looked exactly like the giant cozy blanket-like sweater that I needed for the announced week of cold weather. The construction is straightforward and simple, and the pattern comes in one size, the only alterations that I did, were not adding any seam allowances to shrink it a little bit and shortening the sleeves and hem a few centimeters as the pattern is very oversized. I didn’t have enough fabric for a real turtleneck, so I added a little folded mock-neck instead and I am very happy about the changes I did. The sweater is still huge, but I am not lost inside.


I love the bold and asymmetrical design of it and the use of colors suggested in the pattern. After making Jeans this was the perfect „palate cleanser project“ finished in one afternoon. And it is a great addition to my wardrobe, a very useful and warm sweater that is visually interesting at the same time.



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