A Knitted Patchwork Blanket


I started knitting this blanket last year, before The Big Moving, as one part of reducing my wool stash (other parts meant giving yarn to friends and donating to a kids art school). So it looks like I have been really loving those natural brown-beige-grey-black-white natural alpaca colors and was lucky enough to have a lot of leftovers. So I started knitting pieces for a knitted patchwork blanket.

They are all more or less the same rectangular size and consist of only moss stitch, shaped in a Log Cabin pattern. I held two thin yarns together throughout and the only worry for this project was (and is) to play with the color combinations, contrast and proportions. All about improvising and not thinking too much. For the moment I have about ten pieces, with the wool for some more. The finished will probably be big enough for a plaid or a throw. What I love about this project, is that it can grow whenever I have leftover wool from a neutral project. I just have to knit a rectangle and sew it on.

The Log Cabin Make-along was announced after I had already started the blanked, so I am bending the rules a bit, planning to finish the remaining wool and sew the finished pieces together. I hope this blanket will be done before summer!






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