DIY Period Underwear Zine


I made my first zine! Judging from the feedback that I got for my original period underwear article, you all are quite interested in making your own period underwear! So I thought it would be nice to improve the instructions, add extra tips and tricks and illustrate the whole process. And because I love zines and think there should be more sewing and knitting zines, I put it all in a zine! Working with a new medium has its challenges, but I really liked the process and I am already thinking of other zine ideas…

For this occasion I started an Etsy shop where you can find this little zine, and hopefully more in the future.


The zine contains two different versions of the period panties, one is very beginner friendly and the second one is more advanced. You will find more tips on where to buy materials and how to sew stretchy fabrics than in my article and some super helpful drawings on how to put the whole thing together! The zine is an A5 format (21x15cm) and has 12 pages, is printed on beige and pink paper, and finished with a red seam. I am happy to send it all over the world!

To order you can visit the brand new Clara & Co. Etsy shop, the zine is just 4€ plus shipping. Or you simply send me an email at with your address and paypal details. If anyone is interested, I can also provide a digital version of the zine, that you can print at home (just send me an email!).

I am also open to trade with other (zine) makers!

I hope you are as excited about this as I am and if you have any questions about it just let me know!



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