Summer of Basics – Part Two

The second part of my Summer of Basics outfit is done! My goal is to create an entire outfit, and now only the third and last part is missing. I am quite sure, I will manage to get the outfit done by the end of the month. My black silk shirt is cut and ready to assemble. So here is my second piece, my summer scarf! I wrote down the pattern, you can find it below or on Ravelry.


I used a beautiful rust colored cotton yarn for this simple scarf and made up my own pattern. The basis is a simple cross stitch pattern from an old knitting pattern book. The yarn is super soft and not as stiff as other cotton yarns can be and really nice to wear.


I wrote up the pattern, so if you are as intrigued as I am by this stitch pattern, you can get started right away! It’s very simple, but special. The front shows the beautiful cross stitch and the back shows sort of a nice irregular purl stitch.


Here is the basic scarf pattern:

Cast on 52 stitches.

Row 1: k2, knit second stitch on the left needle behind the first stitch (leave on the needle), knit the first stitch, remove both stitches from left needle — repeat until row ends, k2

Row 2: p1, purl second stitch on the left needle in front of the first stitch (leave on needle), purl first stitch, remove both stitches — repeat, p1

I used 4,5mm needles and the finished measurements are 22x170cm.

For anyone who can read German, here is the pattern page from my book (I added one extra stitch on the edges):



Project summary:

Cotton yarn: 24€
Pattern: my own

Total 24€


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