Acorn Sweater

It is finally getting hot in Berlin, and very much against the season, I finished my Acorn Sweater, designed by Junko Okamoto. Starting this sweater was quite impulsively – I saw the pattern and immediately wanted to start. I thought it could be a good way to use up leftover yarn from my No Frills Sweater, and to finally use the light grey Drops Puna yarn that I had bought on sale in winter and never used for its intended purpose.



I really enjoyed knitting the sweater, and I am an absolute fan of the top-down increases placed on the shoulder seams. I hope that I can replicate them somehow at some point for another simple boxy sweater. I really like how it fits: It is oversized and boxy and the low splitting point of sleeves and body give it a nice cozy feel. I will definitely wear it a lot this fall and winter!



I added some changes to the design, mainly the ribbing on the cuffs and bottom hem, as I really don’t like rolled hems. I simply substituted the rolled hem with 4cm of 2×2 ribbing, to mirror the cabled yoke.


Although I really like the Drops Puna yarn – I used it for my No Frills Sweater and for the Flaum Cardigan for my mother – I think I don’t want to use it anymore for some time. I learned a valuable lesson about ordering yarn online with Drops Puna: The description recommends it for 4mm needles, and after swatching it turned out I needed to hold it double on needles 4,5mm to get the gauge right. It feels more like a sock yarn, and I would probably knit it with 2,5mm or 3mm needles held single. Having to hold the yarn double for the intended projects made them quite heavy… Better to support local businesses anyway!


Project Summary:

Pattern: 7€
Yarn: Sooo many skeins! From my stash and bought on sale, so I can’t really trace the cost here… Probably around 40€

Total: estimated 47€


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