No Frills Sweater




As soon as I discovered the No Frills Sweater on Instagram, I knew I had to try this pattern designed by Mette Wendeboe Okkels of PetiteKnit. It’s the perfect pattern for a first top-down experience and some easy and straightforward knitting. After spending time on complicated and elaborate patterns at the end of last year I really wanted something simple to enjoy. The pattern gives much room to experiment in colors and I have already several other color combinations in my mind.


I held a light beige brushed alpaca silk and brown alpaca yarn together and I really like the result, even though I will chose more contrasting yarns for the next versions. I love the oversized shape with the fitted ribbing, perfect! It’s freezing right now here in Berlin, so this is the perfect sweater for now.

I have been wearing this sweater for one week straight and I can’t make myself take it off! I think this is the most cozy sweater I ever made…


Project Summary:

Pattern: 5€
Yarn: 31,50€ (on sale!)



4 Kommentare zu „No Frills Sweater

  1. Does the yarn translate directly into the pattern? I assume you used Drops brushed silk and alpaca for this sweater? I am new at knitting and therefore trying to find cheaper alternatives to the rather expensive suggested yarns in the pattern by Mette.

    Regards Sus 🙂

    Gefällt mir

    1. Hey Sus! For me the alpaca and brushed silk, knitted with 3,5 needles directly fit the pattern description. For the exact link you can visit . I made another No Frills Sweater with Drops Puna and brushed silk held together, and I knitted size XS (with 3,5 needles) and arrived at the measurements for size M. I am also always looking for more affordable yarn! I hope that helps you with your project!

      Gefällt mir

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