Turia Dungarees

The Turia Dungarees were part of my Summer Sewing Plans for 2016, that I totally failed to realize. So far the Turia Dungarees are the only part of my plans that I accomplished… I guess I am just not so good at planning and then sticking to my plans!


Sewing medium heavy denim for the first time was quite a challenge. Bulky seams, pocket placement, and installing hardware was quite a new thing to me. However, the general construction was simple enough and the instructions that come with the pattern are a bit minimalistic but still easy to  follow. For a more fall appropriate piece I chose View A, but I will definitely make a summer version next year.


I cut size 40, and didn’t make any modifications on the sizing, but quite some regarding style and fit. I took in the legs about 4 cm at each side to have significantly more narrow legs, they are still wide, but have a bit less 70s vibe. The second big adjustment, that cost me quite some nerves is that I swapped the side zippers for jeans buttons. For this purpose I added little lined flaps to the side back piece to attach the buttons and a lining to the front side to reinforce the buttonholes and create a nice finish.


Additionally I left off the back pockets, and changed the patch front pockets to „normal“ jeans pockets, this and the additional fabric from the button part created quite some bulk at the side seams and for the next time I will definitely have to figure out how to reduce that. I also changed the shape of the bib pocket to a simple rectangle.



All these changes and issues with bulky denim made this quite a challenging project! However, I am very happy with the result! It cost me some adjustment to see myself in overalls for the first time in probably 20 years, but the comfort clearly wins! I like the minimalistic design of the Turia Dungarees, and in black they can actually be quite chic.

For the next pair I will definitely pick a lighter fabric, to make things easier for myself. I also only realized after I was done sewing, that the legs are quite short, so I will add some extra length next time. I would also say that the bib is a little bit small for bigger busted people, and that the straps are a bit thin (at least for the buckles I used…). I also had some trouble attaching the jeans buttons, they kept breaking because I didn’t hammer precise enough… As I said, lots of new skills to learn with this project!


All in all I am really happy with my first pair of denim overalls and I will definitely make more… There is a lot to learn in this pattern, which makes it great for a first denim experience. Now I just need some more pins!


Project Summary:

Pattern: 14€
Fabric: 30€
Notions (Buttons, Buckles): 15€
Denim Needles: 4€

Total: 63€


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