How to… Make a Roll-Top Camera Bag


I made this simple but effective set of bags a while ago for my girlfriend, who is a photographer, and therefore needs all sorts of bags for different lenses and cameras. I don’t like these giant camera bags that fit exactly one specific camera with one specific lens, so I thought about a bag that gives some protection and is easily adjustable for all sorts of lenses and cameras. Here it is!


The lining is a wool felt that I had leftover from making mittens and the outer fabric is a simple black cotton, and the bag is closed using pink velcro. You could easily make it waterproof by swapping the outer layer.


Camera Bag:

For a bag with the finished measurements of 15x11x25cm you need to cut a 25x55cm rectangle of lining and fabric (add seam allowances depending on the thickness of your fabric) for the sides and a 11x15cm rectangle for the bottom (add seam allowances). Sew the bottom part to the long side of the large rectangle and close the side seam. Finish your seams and hem the top of the bag. Add the velcro: the scratchy part in the lower middle of the back of the bag, the scratchy part to the lower middle of the front of the bag, so you can attach the two parts while rolling the top.

I cut the lining a bit shorter to avoid having to fold over the thick wool felt.

Lens Bag:

The construction is basically the same, just start out with a 18x27cm rectangle and a circle with a 9cm diameter.





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