Inspiration: Knitwear Designer Laerke Bagger

The other day, while procrastinating on Instagram, I discovered the colorful work of Danish knitwear designer Laerke Bagger. Especially when the weather is getting more and more grey here in Berlin, the multicolored and multitextured sweaters and cardigans make me want to start knitting with pearls and leftover yarn right away. I might start with a fuzzy pillow or a pearly hat. But I am definitely also considering a pearly sweater for fancy winter events. But see for yourself!

Maybe this Wild Mohair Cardigan pattern could be a start…

🍭 #laerkebagger #knitwear

A post shared by Lærke Bagger (@laerkebagger) on

Loving that #raglan sleeve #knitwear #laerkebagger

A post shared by Lærke Bagger (@laerkebagger) on

@nemesisbabe getting ready for Fall in the wolly multi crop #laerkebagger #knitwear

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Sampling for #knittedfur #laerkebagger #knitwear

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Finally it's fur season again #handknit #laerkebagger

A post shared by Lærke Bagger (@laerkebagger) on


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