Fabric and Yarn Resources: My Favourites

As noted in my previous post, for the last week of Slow Fashion October, I want to gather my favorite fabric and yarn stores. As already mentioned in my introduction, I am making clothes on a tight student budget, so I can’t always afford what I want and I especially can’t afford overseas shipping. So I want to show you my favorite places to shop! All these shops are physically and mostly online available in Germany (and neighboring countries):

Berlin, Germany

Siebenblau Organic Fabrics

This online shop with a small physical store in the heart of Berlin offers a wide arrange of eco-certified, fair-trade and recycled fabrics, as far as I know it is by far the best address for ecological fabrics in Germany, at a fair price.

Stoff und Stil

Stoff und Stil is a danish chain of giant fabric stores in Scandinavia and Germany. I really like the very affordable and large choice that this store offers. On their website they say their fabric is produced in Denmark, but I am really not sure about it. The carry a line of ecologically certified fabrics as well as their own line of sewing patterns. I buy most of my fabric there, as they offer the nicest design and color choice.


This store offers a great choice of beautiful cotton and linen designer prints. They carry Atelier Brunette fabrics and a selection of Japanese prints.

Knopf Paul

This is probably the last shop in Berlin specialized in buttons of all sorts. This fascinating shop is run by an original Berliner, Paul, who is great at finding the perfect button for your jacket, but you should bring some time, the button choice is a serious business! There is no online store.

Vienna, Austria

Guate Stoffe

Guate Stoffe (good fabric) offers a unique choice of fair trade and hand woven fabrics from Guatemala, as well as hammocks and other homewares.


Komolka fabrics is the must-see for fabric lovers in Vienna. This fabric store is the (self-proclaimed) biggest in Europe and offers an amazing choice from designer fabric to traditional Austrian fabrics. The customer come from all over Europe and rich Austrians buy the fabric for their fancy ballgowns there.

Tübingen, Germany

Der Webstuhl

This tiny yarn store is from another time, it doesn’t have a website and I couldn’t find any photos of it online… It has, however a great selection of local and plant-dyed yarns. It is definitely worth a visit if you happen to find yourself in Tübingen, in the south of Germany.





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