Travels: an Estonian Wool Mill

dsc03057Last summer I was so lucky as to travel with my Estonian friend Liis around her home island, Hiiumaa. Hiiumaa is the second largest island of Estonia and a beautiful place to visit. There is not much Tourism going on, and the general atmosphere is quiet and relaxed. Fishermen’s villages, Lighthouses, a Baltic German manor house and the yearly weekend of open cafés are the main attractions here. It is easy to visit in two days, and one of the most interesting (at least for knitters!) is the wool mill Hiiu Vill. The family run company is running since the late 19th century, and the original polish machines are still running.


The wool is from robust local sheep that are running everywhere on the island and the wool is not quite soft, but sturdy. Visitors can enter the mill and watch the process, there is a small shop where the wool and some sweaters and socks are sold. Sadly as we arrived in August, most of the hand knit sweaters and socks were already sold out to summer tourists. I bought socks and yarn to make some slippers, like the Simple House Slippers by Temple of Knit. I am happy to report, that this is the first clothing project where I will have seen the entire process, from the sheep to my feet!

Quite well fitting for Slow Fashion October and the topic for the fourth and last week: Known Origins. Most of the DIY blogs that I follow are from the US, and for this reason most of the locally produced yarn that I read about is from the US also, obviously. Even if I could afford these wonderful yarns that everyone seems to knit with, there is always shipping and taxes to add, and the whole idea of knitting your sweater with locally produced, low impact yarn is kind of lost. For this reason, I will try to round up a list of european yarn and fabric suppliers that I know of for later this week. But first: some more impressions from Hiiu Vill and Estonia!


dsc03046 dsc03048

dsc03051 dsc03050





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