Homemade: The Perfect Travel Sweater

I made this super simple sweater earlier this year, but never found the time to write about it, but it seems to fit so well with the ideas that came up during this week of Slow Fashion October. I really like the idea of using the term „homemade“ instead of „handmade“, it’s a nice way of reclaiming the word that carries connotations of clothes that are not deemed chic or stylish enough. Also, because all my clothes are homemade – I sadly don’t have a nice studio or even a corner in the living room to make my stuff. Living in a shared flat means everything happens in my room (at least I have a sewing table now!).

seems like a butterfly sneaked into the picture! right on my elbow…

I bought the beautiful rust colored fabric for this sweater on a trip to Vienna, at Komolka, which is really worth a visit if you happen to be there. I just bought one meter, so that meant I had to be creative, if I wanted to make a sweater out of it. The pattern is my own design, and I am really happy how it turned out! It is slightly cropped and boxy, just perfect for layering more clothes underneath which makes it perfect for traveling. It is light enough to be stuffed in my backpack when I don’t need it and warm enough if it gets fresh. The center seam in the front made it possible to make this sweater out of just one meter of fabric, but I really like it as a little detail.

another one just because the fall view of Harz mountains was so beautiful…

The sweater served me really well with my travels this year, and seems to coordinate really well with the landscapes…

this time the sweater is serving me very well in Tallinn

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