DIY Shoe Wax


freshly polished shoes

The other day I bought beautiful handmade new leather shoes from The White Ribbon, a small indie company with a shop in Berlin. The shoes are all handmade in Budapest and the leather and fabrics are sourced from overproduction in the fashion industry and vintage garments. And the best of it is, that they are totally affordable! Shoes are the hardest part of an ethical (but affordable…) wardrobe, I think, so that’s an extra plus. However, leather shoes are high-maintenance and not suitable for all-year-all-weather walking around… One thing the shopkeeper recommended was treating them once a month with bee’s wax. This in mind, I wanted to try making my own shoe wax – of course! And it’s actually very easy and you might have all the ingredients already in your kitchen.


1 part bee’s wax
1 part oil (for example olive oil, almond oil…)
1/2 part coconut oil or shea butter
essential oils for a nice smell (I used lemon grass)

Put everything except the essential oil in a small bowl and melt over water. When everything is melted you can add the essential oil and pour everything into small lidded containers. Done!


Now you just need to polish your shoes with your new wax (that you could also use as a lip balm, by the way…).

before and after: the shoe on the right is waxed, it really makes a difference!




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