DIY Period Panties

I made a brand new zine about making your own period underwear! You can find more  new tips and tricks in it. You can read more about it here, and buy it in my Etsy shop!

Update! You can find a review no on how these held up.

A recent bloody disaster in the office, produced by a leaking menstrual cup, brought my thoughts back to period underwear. Not the one that every woman (or bleeding person, for that matter) supposedly has, in opposition, I guess, to sexy underwear or something. I do not own special period underwear, it all looks more or less the same and my washing machine works fine enough to clean the blood stains. However, after said morning in the office the need for some more protection entered my mind.


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Some Thoughts on Me Made May ’16

When May arrived this year, I was quite excited to participate in Me Made May this year, as this is the first „internet event“ that I chose to participate in, blogging. But how life goes, May was an incredibly full month, I went to two conferences, prepared an academic article for publishing, was sick for a week… So in the end it feels like I wore three real „outfits“ (my pyjamas are handmade, but I didn’t really want to show them off online), and I didn’t have the time to publish anything over here. And additionally I have been working with some friends on a secret project that will be revealed super soon (so excited!).

So in the end, all I did was posting four awkward mirror selfies for Me Made May and looking at all the other posts and articles of people who seem to have much more time to photograph themselves in nice positions and with nice backgrounds! However, the whole thing got me thinking as well: I realized my handmade (and general) summer wardrobe is very limited, and I wore the few summer tops that I made last year so much, that I need a break and some fresh things. With that I went on quite a big fabric shopping trip, and will hopefully fill in some of the gaps that I discovered.

So here are my Me-Made Outfits of May 2016, I am already looking forward to #memadesummer and #memadeeveryday anyway, with less pressure…

I really have to work on my self-portrait skills…

I am wearing, a self drafted boxy top from recycled vintage fabric with my improvised alpaca cardigan, an upcycled vintage silk blouse with handmade summer pants, my flower archer button up, and the grand final: handmade pants, with another self drafted boxy top and my freshly made dark grey bomber jacket. Not too bad!