Alpaca Bouclé Cardigan


This is one of the few knitted garments that I actually made out of real need, both temperature- and style-wise. I made some nice Archer button-ups and bought some beautiful silk shirts this winter, and the only possibility to wear them so far, was with a long sleeved t-shirt underneath and/or a sweater on top, which is not optimal… So when my favorite yarn shop in Budapest announced its yarn sale, i got this beautiful alpaca bouclé Drops yarn for around 2,30€ the skein (which made the price for the whole jacket less than 15€!), and started improvising.


The yarn is not for beginners, and knitting it can be confusing at times, as it has these tiny loops that make it look and feel really nice, but these loops can be easily mistaken for stitches and you can’t see at all what kind of stitches you made… However, it is very forgiving, seems and mistakes are not visible at all. I ended up with a basic V-neck shape. These are the measurements and the pattern that I used for a medium size:

Cardigan Pattern

The whole cardigan is knit in stockinette stitch, with 5cm 2×2 rib.

Circumference: 95cm, Length: 52cm, Sleeve length: 47cm

Gauge: 15sts = 10cm on 4,5 needles

Back: 70 sts cast on, 5cm rib, 50 cm in stockinette. Place the middle 24 sts on hold, neck shaping: every 2. row bind off 1×2 and 1×1 sts. Bind of at 52cm from cast on edge.

Front pieces: 34 sts cast on, 5cm rib, after 30cm decrease for the front V-neck: bind off 1 st every 4th row (repeat 10 times). Bind off after 52cm.

Sleeves: 26 sts cast on, 5cm rib. Next row pick up 4 sts evenly distributed in the row. Pick up 2 sts every 6th row, repeat 17 times. Bind off after 47cm.

Finishing: Seam all parts together, pick up stitches around the right and left front and knit 5cm rib for the button band, including buttonholes (k2tog, 1yo for the buttonholes).




It was knit super fast, during the last days of my stay in Budapest, which ended in the buttonholes being on the wrong side… The day of departure was one of the first days of wearing it, and I think I haven’t taken it off since (I have changed the shirts underneath, no worries!). I honestly do not know what I was wearing before I had this magic cardigan. It is chic and basic, adds texture to an outfit and pairs nicely with my patent leather shoes and skinny jeans. I didn’t have the time yet to sew on buttons, and I might just leave it at that for the moment.


Project summary:

Pattern: my own
Yarn: 15€


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