Summer Sewing Plans

Apart from sewing basics and replacing and/or recycling worn out garments such as leggings and t-shirts, I have some more exciting plans for this summer season:

Turia Dungarees

First are the Turia Dungarees by Pauline Alice Patterns. After seeing this image on Instagram of the designers behind horses atelier, the idea of simple black dungarees stayed in my mind. I will try the turia dungarees in black (of course), but plan on tightening the legs around the ankle, I am not really a fan of seventies fashion…

beautiful heidi & claudia #bestofbootsandpine #bootsandpine

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Watson Bra

Next up is the famous Watson Bra by Cloth Habit. After seeing it everywhere, I also want to try my luck at bra making. I already have all the supplies waiting! Some beautiful mesh and lace from Komolka Stoffe in Vienna and notions, partly recycled from old bras. I will try the long version first, as a lot of you mentioned the better support it gives. Having an uncommon bra size makes it hard to find soft cup bras without underwires, so I hope this will be a way to fix this! The plan is to make a bikini and swimsuit as well…



Quilted Jacket


Last for now is a self-drafted little quilted jacket. I will probably copy it directly from a quilted jacked my friend bought in a vintage shop in Budapest, and it will be black (again…) with a greyish blue lining and brass buttons.

So far the plans! We will see what happens next!


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