Weekender Bag

Another project inspired by the Purl Soho Blog! They just really have the nicest things… This time it’s the Overnighter Bag. I especially loved the different shades of beautiful linen they used, in contrast to the natural cotton color of the handles and zipper. I didn’t buy the pattern, as I figured I could draw one myself, and it is actually quite easy, the shape of the bag is classical and straightforward.



I ordered the fabric online from Stoff und Stil, it’s a beautiful linen viscose mix that comes in a lot of beautiful shades, I chose light grey, dusty blue and navy. The zippers and bias tapes are also from Stoff und Stil, the cotton tape for the handles is from another shop. After I started planning out the bags, I realized, that the linen would not be sturdy enough for a bag, as the edge of a book or something sharp could easily poke a hole in the soft linen fabric. Luckily I had some simple cotton fabric, that I could use to line the bags to make them more stable.




The bag is basically made of two half-moon shapes, one rectangle for the bottom, smaller rectangles for the sides and a rectangle for the top, that is divided by the zipper. I just cut the same pattern pieces from the cotton fabric for the lining and pinned both fabric and lining together for the sewing process. First the zipper and the handles are attached, then the parts are sewn together.




All visible seams are finished with bias tape at the end, and this part was definitely the most exhausting in the whole project! First, all seam allowances have to be cut back (and its many layers of fabric…), then the bias tape is attached. My sewing machine definitely reached its limits, and I hand to help myself pushing the thicker parts with scissors. But the result is beautiful! Especially with the grey bag that I lined with black fabric, the white bias tape is creating a nice contrast.



I kept the light blue one for myself and can’t wait to use it for my next weekend trip somewhere! I also had some fabric leftover from this project, I will write about what I made from it soon…


Project Summary (one bag):

Pattern (inspired by Purl Soho): Self-drafted
Fabric (mostly Stoff und Stil): 10€, lining 3€, zipper 1,50€, bias tape c.a. 2,50€, tape for the handles c.a. 5€

Total: 22€



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