My First Archers

I love wearing button ups, layering them under a nice sweater or as sort of an ultra-light jacket in summer. However, I am not a fan at all of classical tailored feminine blouses… In the past I bought some shirts in the men’s department (but ultimately they never fit me well) and I tried my luck with sewing some more-or-less-improvised sleeveless button ups. I t just never was quite the right thing. And then, finally! I made my first Grainline Studio Archer button up, and what a success this pattern is! After seeing all these Archers on blogs and Instagram, I suspected already that it was a great pattern…


And I directly made a second one! Jen’s step-by-step guide in the pattern booklet is very helpful and guides you very well through the whole process. Sewing up the Archer took me a long afternoon (minus sewing the buttonholes and sewing on the buttons… always takes me forever) and I am really happy with the results. I cut a straight size four (I was not so sure about the sizes in the beginning, as I am not really familiar with the US sizes), and I was quite surprised to see the finished shirt fitting me perfectly! It’s like it was made for me, really. The only thing that I will change next time is adding maybe two cm in the length. Both fabrics and buttons are from Stoff und Stil. The green one is a very basic and cheap cotton, and the one with the roses is a printed viscose (still working on my pattern placement skills…).





I will definitely make more! I already have some nice variations planned…


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