Ondawa Sweater

So I finished my first sweater in a very long time (i knit the last one in school, I think…), and I am really happy how it turned out! It’s Brooklyn Tweed’s Ondawa. The pattern was easy to follow, it is complicated enough to be interesting but not too tricky. The cables turn out so beautiful!


The pattern is easy to modify, which I did. I lengthened it a bit, so the sweater would be more useful in the cold winter here in Budapest, and I changed up the sleeve pattern, as I prefer long sleeves (again, I needed something warm…): After the first pattern segment I kept increasing two stitches every six rows until the sleeves were long enough. That turned out to be the perfect match to the original style, as they still have the slim fit but are not too tight.

DSC01602 DSC01592

The yarn I used is Baby Alpaca from Wolle Rödel, and the light grey really brings out the cables nicely. I really liked the easy construction of this sweater, basically just rectangles and the boxy fit is great!




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